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Who are we?

‘Explore Collective’ is a two year project funded by Arts Council Wales ‘Connect & Flourish’ fund, bringing together a range of wonderful creative organisations including:

  • ACE- Action in Caerau & Ely 

  • Valleys Kids

  • Disability Arts Cymru

  • Straeon Research Ltd

  • Suzie Larke (Photographer)

  • Rachel Carney (Poet)

Our weekly visual art workshops at the Dusty Forge, Cardiff and the Factory, Porth form the basis of a dynamic and evolving community art project.

Our project is a creative exploration, working together with participants, project artists and partners. We will inspire and support each other and respond creatively to needs within our communities.

We aim to share artistic techniques and processes and learn new creative skills, along with offering trips and showcasing exhibitions that will help us connect and share our artwork and achievements with a wider audience.



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