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Trip to Dusty Forge/Suzie Larke coming to The Factory.

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

26th January 2023

I’m Zoe, I'm an art apprentice with Valleys Kids and I have been really enjoying working on the Explore Collective project!

On January 26th all of the Valleys Kids art groups came together and we all made our way down to Cardiff to our joint exhibition in Dusty Forge. This was our second Explore Collective exhibition. When we arrived we had the most heart warming welcome, everyone was so happy to see us laughing and started conversations almost instantly. They supplied us with some amazing home made soup and other little snacks and also offered us Tea, Coffee and other drinks.

Suzie Larke who is a part of Explore Collective is a really talented photographer, her work is absolutely beautiful and she really knows how to use a camera. She was capturing all the beautiful moments throughout the whole day, getting pictures of people having simple conversations, smiling and laughing with each other or just simply someone walking through the exhibition viewing their art work on the walls. The groups all did little activities, some made scrapbooks, some made chatter boxes and added stickers inside to make them more exciting and some just simply stuck a few stickers on a piece of paper and created a story with it. Everyone had different ideas and I didn’t see any two the same.

I went around and tried to have a conversation with everyone there just to get to know each person individually.

Carys, Valleys Kids Communications Officer, got to work interviewing some people there and filming some clips to put into a five minute video clip talking about the Explore Collective project. Everyone was so keen on getting involved with the videoing and were more than happy to share their experience. Carys has now edited the video and uploaded it onto social media and it seems to be getting such amazing feedback from everyone who has watched it and also everyone involved. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Explore Collective!

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